Throughout 2020, these individual fancams have received the most love from fans. Check out this year’s top 10 most viewed performances below!

10.  Yeji (ITZY) — “WANNABE”

Yeji’s performance of “WANNABE” on episode 450 of Weekly Idol reached 4.6M views.

9. Hyunjin (Stray Kids) — “Psycho”

Hyunjin performed his rendition of Red Velvet’s “Psycho” on Music bank along with the 00s subunit, consisting of idols born in 2000. His fancam climbed to 4.8M views.

8. V (BTS) — “ON”

V’s performance of “ON” on Music Bank hit over 5.7M views.

7. Lisa (BLACKPINK) — “How You Like That”

Lisa’s “How You Like That” Inkigayo performance on June 28th reached 5.7M views.

6. Lisa (BLACKPINK) — “How You Like That”

However, her July 19th Inkigayo performance of the song passed 6M views.

5. V (BTS) — “Black Swan”

V’s “Black Swan” M Countdown stage went up to 7.5M views.

4. Ryujin (ITZY) — “WANNABE”

Ryujin holds the title as the female idol with the highest-viewed fancam of 2020. Her performance of “WANNABE” on episode 450 of Weekly Idol reached 9.1M views.

3. Jimin (BTS) — “ON”

Jimin’s “ON” performance on M Countdown passed 11M views.

2. Jungkook (BTS) — “ON”

In the same M Countdown performance, Jungkook’s fancam reached over 13M views.

1. V (BTS) — “ON”

V is the idol with the most-viewed individual fancam of 2020 with his “ON” performance reaching 21M views.