T-ara fans gifted the soon-to-be nine member group with a special bus ad to celebrate their 1,000 day anniversary. On April 23, Core Contents Media said, “T-ara fans voluntarily collected money to buy a bus ad and celebrate T-ara’s 1,000 day anniversary.”

The special bus ad will run for a month starting from April 23 on all #262 and #721 buses in Seoul. After seeing the photo of the bus ad, T-ara released a statement saying, “It’s hard to believe that it’s already been 1,000 days. We would like to thank all the fans for the celebration and support. We will continue to work hard to show a better side of us.”

Since their debut in 2009 with “Lies,” T-ara made consecutive hits with “Bo Peep Bo Peep,” “Why Are You Being Like This,” “Roly Poly,” and “Lovey Dovey.” They are headed to Japan for two weeks to focus on their Japanese promotions. They already announced that two members will be added by July for their next album in Korea.