As one of the most well-known girl groups in the world, BLACKPINK not only receives overwhelming support from their numerous fans but the negativity from those who aren’t.

With Lisa making waves through the second season of Youth With You, she has gained many Chinese fans who are concerned about the death threats the idol has recently received on social media.

2 blackpink lisa

On Twitter, an account reportedly from South Korea posted a tweet that instantly had fans worried about Lisa’s safety. The person threatened to use a gun to lethally harm her when the group makes their first appearance on stage for their upcoming comeback.

Once BLACKPINK has [their] comeback stage, I’m going to s***t Lisa…and you can say bye bye…that’s the last time you will ever see her ugly face again.

1 blackpink lisa death threat

Chinese fans took matters into their own hands, calling attention to the threatening words, garnering over “1.23 billion views” on Weibo alone about the topic. They even left comforting messages for Lisa in light of the upsetting situation.

On Twitter, fans attempted to bring it to YG Entertainment‘s attention so they could take precautions to protect Lisa. In the process, they pointed out it wasn’t the only recent death threat she had received.

Last month, a user posted an Instagram story that had fans just as concerned. Following the same method as the recent threat, they claimed they would harm Lisa with a gun, which they said was already in their possession. To make it worse, they had written it as if the matter was humorous.

Lol. I will k**l Lisa. I have my gun already.

2 blackpink lisa death threat

The same Instagram user also posted a photo of a tomb, which they placed an image of Lisa on, along with these disturbing words:

How nice would I be If I died.

3 blackpink lisa death threat

Following both death threats, YG Entertainment has yet to respond. With BLACKPINK’s comeback reportedly happening next month in June, fans will continue to ask for better protection for Lisa.