Just a day after Taeyeon was accused of plastic surgery, Girls’ Generation fans came up with substantial evidence to prove her “innocence” from the alleged cosmetic procedure accusations.

On April 17, photos titled, “Seriously refuting Taeyeon’s plastic surgery rumors,” were posted on an online community board. The photos were a collection of Taeyeon from her early career in 2007 to her recent pictures taken in 2010 and 2011. The writer of the post argued Taeyeon’s look may have changed a bit due to the different styles, but her facial features remained the same.

It also put a 2008 photo taken during SBS “Incredible Contestant” and a 2010 photo from KBS “Happy Together” next to each other to explain how she looks different depending on the level of makeup she puts on. The last set of photos also shows the effects of heavy makeup, as they were taken on two consecutive days. The writer disputed, “Do you think the nose job/filler would have disappeared within a day? Taeyeon can look very different depending on her front hair and makeup.”

Netizens that across the photos commented, “Hmm, now this makes sense,” “What’s all the fuss?” and “Wait, but what’s so wrong with plastic surgeries?”