Fans all over the world showed their excitement for the 2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards (2017 MAMA) with a record-breaking 42 million Tweets on the Twitter platform. The previous record was last year’s 22 million Tweets for the 2016 MAMA.

The heatmap below shows the #2017MAMA global conversation on Twitter. The official hashtags #2017MAMA and #MAMARedcarpet topped the list of Twitter Trends in Korea and abroad, and many keywords related to 2017 MAMA trended globally.

The engagement on Twitter was better than ever, with the platform offering a live-stream of the 2017 MAMA red carpet at Japan and Hong Kong on The live viewership was over 3.2 million unique views, and fans were able to vote for the Best Asian Style Awards, which recognized the best dressed star on the red carpet. Fans voted by Tweeting the name of the artist along with the hashtag #MAMARedcarpet, and the Tweets were tallied to select a winner. EXO-CBX won the award for 2017 MAMA in Japan and BTS won for 2017 MAMA in Hong Kong.

Soompi also joined in the excitement of #2017MAMA with our live coverage of the event. Check out our Twitter moments for Japan and Hong Kong below!