As many fans know, SEVENTEEN is a very self-produced group. The members of the group work hard to create new concepts, songs, lyrics, choreography, and more for their fans. 

seventeen james
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Many fans are making sure that the member’s hard work isn’t going to waste by praising them for their performance on The Late Late Show With James Corden.

In the comment section of the video, the majority of the comments are admiring and announcing SEVENTEEN’s ability to self produce almost everything they do. Many took to the fact that SEVENTEEN was even creating their own stage as they dressed as staff workers setting everything up. They later came out on their “self-made” stage in shining suits.



svt 2

Not only did they get a lot of praise for their talent in self-producing everything, but also a lot of comments complimenting their amazing live vocal ability!

seventeen live

svt vocals

not a joke

Due to COVID-19, SEVENTEEN did not get to actually meet James Corden; however, fans are hoping that he will invite the amazing group back again!

svt james
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Did you catch SEVENTEEN’s amazing performance?

late show
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Check out the performance below: