Kim Jong Kook has some of the best fans ever!


The singer’s fan club, Papitus, sent food over to him and the entire cast of the variety show, “Running Man”. Jong Kook later on posted pictures of him and the cast enjoying all the tasty and beautifully prepared foods. (Can you spot Cha Tae Hyun?!) It looked pretty spiffy in the packaging, too! Check out the pictures:



The fans wanted to make sure their “one man” Kim Jong Kook was well taken care of, since his back problems worsened recently and he had to undergo surgery. Many were worried sick about him, but the singer reassured them he was doing fine: in fact, he made a video to update them on his condition, and he also thanked his fans for their support and the food:



Kim Jong Kook sure is a lucky guy, isn’t he? 


(Check out close-up pictures of the food they ate here!)

Credit: KJK Soompi Thread, jklove_07 @soompi; Daum, KJKGlobalfans @youtube


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