On April 24, it was announced that the “U-Know Yunho Library” will be opening next month, thanks to donations made by fans of TVXQ’s Yunho from across Asia.

The “U-Know Yunho Library” is located in the Sochon Art Factory space in the Gwangsan district of Yunho’s hometown Gwangju.

The Gwangsan district plans to dedicate the library space to arts and culture, and they will be providing books related to these topics. There will also be an area to install exhibitions along with a performance space.

Construction of the library began in February 2017 when Yunho’s fans donated money to celebrate his birthday. Groups of his fans from across Asia, including his Chinese fan site “MyYunho,” “KACHIKAJA Be with Yunho” from Japan, and “Korea’s Most Precious Gift in the World Jung Yunho,” collectively raised 27 million won (approximately $23,793). This amount was then donated to the community fund for Gwangju Social Welfare. It has also been reported that 1,000 books will be donated from a fan meeting.

Meanwhile, Yunho was recently discharged from the military.

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