Taeyeon arrived at the airport earlier today to fly out for her schedules abroad. But fans began to worry after seeing her look deeply sad.

taeyeon airport sad 5


From the moment she got out of her car, Taeyeon kept her head covered with a black bucket hat. She never once looked up towards the fans or the press.

taeyeon airport sad 1


Dressed in all black, she kept her hands together in front of her and remained silent.

taeyeon airport sad 3


Taeyeon is usually busy greeting everyone who came out to see her at the airport as she’d usually wave at everyone she can with a bright smile.

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Fans were deeply worried that the recent news of Goo Hara’s passing is further impacting her health, especially as she’s lost two other friends to suicide.

taeyeon airport sad 2


Many left supportive comments, asking her to remain strong and to remember that her devoted fans are there for her.

“Have strength, Taeyeon ㅠㅠ”

“Taeyeon, I hope you will actively sue malicious commenters too and have strength.”

“I hope you stay strong and finish her schedules well and return home safely.”

“Taeyeon was best friends with Jonghyun and Sulli, and now Goo Hara. It’s a miracle that Taeyeon is even able to fulfill her activities for her fans.”

“She really needs to be taken care of well. She suffers from depression and lost 3 of her closest friends in just 2 years. She must be suffering so much..”

— K-Netizens


Despite Taeyeon’s body language completely shutting out everyone around her, the press and sasaeng fans bombarded her at the airport, while shoving their cameras in her face.

taeyeon airport sad 6


Prayers go out to Taeyeon during her difficult time.

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