Fansites and fansite masters have since become an integral part of K-Pop and fandoms. Known for taking beautiful photos and following idols around to schedules, it is a common assumption that fansite masters earn money off his hobby.

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Just how true are these assumptions? Current fansite masters revealed in a video interview that they do not earn money from their overall activities as a fansite master.

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They candidly shared that it was akin to throwing money on the floor, given the high expenses and low returns.

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Some however, may earn through selling data. This is when they happen to take photographs of other idols at the same event as their biases and put them up for sale to other fansites or fans.

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They shared that as the money goes back into running the fansite, they don’t make much return. Similarly, for the sales of goods and the like, it is possible for the fansite to actually make some earnings. However, this is only applicable to fansites of top tier idols, such as EXO, BTS, TWICE, Red Velvet and BLACKPINK. Even within these fandoms, only the really famous fansites are the ones that have earning abilities.

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As for goods such as season greetings, diaries, calendars and slogans, fansite masters shared that it is hard for girl group fansites to make sales. On the other hand, even for popular male groups, the margin is not high.

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One fansite master shared that the earnings are only a minor percentage, so much that it felt like she was doing group orders rather than sales.

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She confesses that there is little to no profits, especially after all the freebies such as photocards and stickers.

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Another fansite master revealed that while it is impossible to make absolutely nothing at all, the money goes back into supporting the idol. Profits from sales of goods are usually used to purchase support, or presents for their biases. The sad truth is that if they do not provide enough material support, it is likely that their fansite will be criticized.

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Although many fans may have dreams about one day becoming a fansite master to show their love for their idols, it seems that this job or hobby, is not for everyone.

Catch the full interview below.