Fantagio has responded to reports that actress Kang Han Na is working on her own without the support or permission from the agency.

On April 11, Fantagio released a statement that reads, “We are addressing reports about Kang Han Na. Until recently, Fantagio has been supporting and working for actress Kang Han Na’s normal entertainment activities. We sincerely hope that she will continue to actively promote with the agency just like other artists under us who are actively promoting together with us right now.”

The agency continued, “In addition, we are planning to try our best to actively communicate with Kang Han Na so that we can reach an amicable agreement. However, if activities violating her exclusive contract with the agency were to occur, we will ask her to take legal and social responsibility through legal procedures in order for us to protect our rights and profits under the exclusive contract. Thank you.”

This statement is in response to recent reports saying that Kang Han Na recently sent Fantagio a certification of contents and is currently promoting independently without the support of Fantagio.

According to reports, after Chinese investment group JC Group dismissed then co-CEO Na Byung Jun and appointed Wei Jie as the sole CEO, employees resisted the decision and resigned from their positions. Kang Han Na reportedly expressed her intent to leave after experiencing internal conflicts within the agency.

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