Who took home the show’s highest-ever score on this week’s “Fantastic Duo?”


After Yoon Mirae’s choice of partner was left a mystery last week, the August 14 episode opens with her choosing the contestant known as “Rooftop Speaker.” Meanwhile, Gummy chose “Bucheon Descendants of the Sun.”

Gummy and her partner went up first during the final stage and sang “You Are My Everything,” Gummy’s OST from the drama “Descendants of the Sun.” Their gentle duet won them 281 points.

Bada was up next and sang S.E.S’s “Gathering Dreams” with her partner. They rearranged the original song and showed off Bada’s clear, refreshing voice and “Prince of the Sea’s” soulful tone, winning 289 points.

Yoon Mirae and her partner covered her song “Black Happiness,” fitting the lyrics to “Rooftop Speaker’s” life in order to convey deeper sincerity in their music. The two of them got the highest score in the history of the show with 293 points. (The previous record was 291 points.)

Kim Gun Mo went last to defend his third consecutive win with his partner, “Masan Sulli,” but despite an admirable performance, was unable to overtake Yoon Mirae’s final score.

Congratulations to Yoon Mirae!

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