Girls Generation‘s Yuri is impressing many viewers and TV industry officials with her acting. Currently, Yuri is appearing on SBS “Fashion King” as Choi An Na, who is cold-hearted and career-driven and yet, struggling with deep emotional scars as she tries to, but is unable to, win the heart of the man she loves.

Through “Fashion King,” Yuri is showing a completely different and new side of her as actress Kwon Yuri. Although this is her first time acting, Yuri is successfully portraying the multitude of Choi An Na’s character with fierce focus. Previously, YoonA first made a debut as an actress among Girls Generation members, followed by Tiffany, Taeyeon, and Sunny‘s debut on musical theatre stages. Sooyoung is next in line, waiting for her debut as an actress in July. Currently, YoonA and Yuri are appearing on different dramas that air at the same time.

Many industry officials are highly impressed by Yuri’s acting. A staff member of “Fashion King” commented, “We were worried at first because this is Yuri’s first time acting. But now, we have nothing to worry. She is doing so well. In my opinion, Yuri will be able to play a main role soon after ‘Fashion King.’ She’s got potential.”