Fashion King,” starring Yoo Ah In, Shin Se Kyung, Lee Jae Hoon, and Girls’ Generation’s Yuri, premiered earlier this week on SBS and got off to a respectable start. 

During the episode, many viewers noticed Shin Se Kyung donning several high-end fashion items, leading many to criticize the actress for her wardrobe choices. In the series, Shin Se Kyung’s Lee Ga Young is described as a character from a poor background, working as a seamstress at a boutique owned by Madame Cho, who fed, raised, and supported her (financially.)

However, the brown coat Shin Se Kyung wore during the first episode is from Lewitt and is priced approximately at $700. Her designer bag is from Balenciaga and is priced approximately at $3,000. 

Netizens commented, “She couldn’t afford the plane ticket and tuition to go to New York, yet she still has the money to buy designers?” “The designer labels don’t fit with her character,” “She should have been more careful with her wardrobe chocies for her character,” and more.