After a long absence from Korean promotions, F.CUZ will be making their comeback soon with a new mini album and have added two new members to the group. 

It was in May of 2011 when main vocalist Lee-U had announced his withdrawal from the group, leaving Jinon, Kan and Yejun to continue Japanese promotions as three members. Today’s teaser shows new members Rae Hyun and Dae Gun, making F.CUZ a five member group now. Both will be vocalists for the group, filling in the void left by Lee-U. Dae Gun is also known for being a former member of boy group A-Peace.

The teaser today shows off the full group along with their new concept and some parts of their choreography. “No. 1” is an electronic dance song that hopes to give them a strong and memorable comeback to the K-Pop industry.