What a beautiful place to have a JYP reunion!

On September 14, miss A member Fei uploaded a picture on her personal Weibo account, captioning, “I finally went to Zhangjiajie National Forest with the friends that I love! I couldn’t capture just how excited my heart was but its really beautiful. It’s one of the most beautiful sceneries in our country. I’m going to come visit here again with my parents.”

In the picture, Park Jin Young, Fei, and Jackson of GOT7 are posing at the Zhangjiajie National Forest, which was their filming location for the Chinese variety show “Guaishushu Is Coming.” The three of them are smiling happily at the camera and behind them, you can see the immense forests of the park stretching out for miles.

“Guaishushu Is Coming” is a new road show style audition program for a boy group that is airing in China. Fei and Jackson are mentors on the program.

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