Recently a poll was conducted by SBS which asked female idols and staff members at “Inkigayo”, “Which male idol would you like to go on a spring outing with?”

First place was awarded to Big Bang’s G-Dragon. When those who selected G-Dragon were asked why they chose Big Bang’s leader their responses were the same, “He is a fashonista, so he has great taste in fashion.  He would help his girlfriend become fashionable as well.” A guy who wouldn’t mind tagging along as you shopped for clothes as well as would honestly know what looked good on you, a girl’s dream!

DBSK’s Leader U-Know Yunho and Hwang Kwang Hee were tied for second place. The female idols chose them because of U-Know’s “protective older brother” image and Hwang Kwang Hee’s unique voice and cool gestures.  In third place fellow Big Bang member TOP made the list and he shared the spot with CN Blue’s Leader Jung Yong Hwa. TOP embodies the image of the perfect man with a great sense of humor and manners coupled with a handsome face, he is the complete package. Jung Yong Hwa is known to have a caring personality that was displayed in MBC’s “We Got Married”. Yoon Doo Joon of BEAST took fourth place, as group-mate Lee Ki Kwang also made the ranking placing in fifth.  Doo Joon was selected because he has the image of the “boyfriend idol” and Lee Ki Kwang because of his elaborate dancing skills.

How do you feel about these rankings?  Who would your ideal male idol to take on a spring outing be?