Miss A’s Suzy, Sistar’s Bora and Jewelry’s Ye Won have gathered to take a selca with a special guest by none other than comedian Kim Shin Young.

On October 29, Bora posted the picture through Sistar’s official twitter account along with the comment “We filmed a part of a music video at ‘Invincible Youth.’ Look At Me diet video. Let’s go Shin Young unni, Suzy and Ye Won!”

Inside the picture, the 3 girls pose for a picture without realizing Shin Young got inside the picture. Suzy didn’t get the memo and stuck her tongue out for a silly picture while the other two smiled. Ye Won took an extra step of mismatch 90s aerobic fashion and painted at least 2 different colors on her nails.

A couple days before on October 27, KBS’s variety program “Invincible Youth” made a diet video with Suzy, Bora, Ye Won and Kim Shin Young while they wore fluorescent aerobic clothes. They took a picture afterwards to capture the fun memories.

Netizens who saw the picture commented, “My eyes are having fun because beautiful people are close with each other,” “Their faces still look good even though they wear fluorescent clothes,” “I had a good time watching ‘Invincible Youth.’”

Soompiers, who’s foot is that? Is Bora or Shin Young super flexible or could it be someone else?