Members of FIESTAR have shared photos from their recent meetup!

On July 25, the members of FIESTAR shared group photos for the first time since they parted ways after their contracts with Fave Entertainment ended in April.

Yezi shared two photos on Instagram with the caption, “It’s been a while.” They both include Jei, Cao Lu, Linzy, Hyemi, and Yezi enjoying time together at a restaurant.

Cao Lu also shared one of the photos on her own Instagram with the caption “I love you.”

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오랜만이야 #석이테이블

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“Now that we’ve met like this, I really miss our fans a lot too,” wrote Jei as the caption to two photos from their reunion. She added in the hashtags, “I love you.”

Linzy shared the photos with the caption, “We got together for the first time in a while, we’re still the same,” calling them her family in the hashtags. Hyemi also posted the photos with the caption, “FIESTAR full group.”