The members of FIESTAR have gone their own ways.

On May 15, various sources from the industry reported that the girl group’s contract with Fave Entertainment came to an end on April 30. Cao Lu is the only member in talks to renew, and the rest have left the agency.

A source from Fave Entertainment confirmed the news, saying that their contracts with Linzy, Jei, Yezi, and Hyemi expired last month, but Cao Lu still has some time left on her contract.

Linzy and Jei signed with other agencies to pursue acting careers, while Yezi and Hyemi are currently planning out their next steps. Cao Lu’s contract with Fave Entertainment will expire at the end of May.

FIESTAR debuted in August 2012 as a six-member group but then continued with five members, following Cheska’s departure from the group in 2014. They released their last digital single album “Apple Pie” in May 2016 before going on a hiatus for two years.

We wish them the best of luck in all their future endeavors!

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