The director of upcoming film “Student A” had nothing but kind words to say about EXO’s Suho!

Based on a popular web comic, “Student A” is about introverted middle school student Mi Rae (Kim Hwan Hee), who has extremely low self-confidence. She loves to game and has a talent for writing, but finds it hard to connect with others. Through her budding friendships with Jae Hee (Suho), Baek Hab (Jung Da Bin), and Tae Yang (Yoo Jae Sang), Mi Rae learns about life as she matures.

In “Student A,” he will be playing Jae Hee, a warm character who counsels and empathizes with Mi Rae. While he may seem a little strange, he also suffers from unspoken pain.

Complimenting Suho on his continuous growth as an actor, director Lee Kyung Seob said, “He has a lot of ambition, and he is an actor who works that much harder. He especially has this image of being comforting with his wide eyes. That’s why I absolutely wanted to work with him.”

2018 has been a busy year for Suho so far. In addition to this upcoming film release, he has finished his run in “The Last Kiss” musical, is starring as the lead in currently airing “Rich Man, Poor Woman,” and is preparing for another musical, “The Man Who Laughs.” “Student A” will be released in South Korean theaters on June 20.

In the meantime, watch Suho as CEO Lee Yoo Chan in “Rich Man, Poor Woman,” available exclusively on Viki!

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