Hana Financial Investment has reported on Big Hit Entertainment’s value as a company.

On September 11, Hana Financial Investment stated that BTS’s agency Big Hit Entertainment has an estimated corporate value of 2.5 trillion won (approximately $2.2 billion).

Researcher Lee Ki Hoon stated that Big Hit Entertainment’s predicted sales and their business profit this year each amount to 230 billion won (approximately $203 million) and 83 billion won (approximately $73.5 million), respectively. “Their album sales volume last year was roughly 2.7 million, and by August of this year, it has already increased to 4.5 million and is estimated to reach 5 million,” he explained.

The researcher continued, saying, “For [their] music, if we take into consideration that out of their YouTube views, the highest number of views comes the United States, the gravity of their overseas sales will be greater.” He estimated that sales could reach over 70 billion won (approximately $62 million) if they took into account last year’s newly established corporate sales in Japan.

Lee Ki Hoon stated that the company’s operating profit and net profit next year is estimated to be a minimum of 130 billion won (approximately $115 million) and 90 billion won (approximately $80 million), respectively. He added that for BTS’s 6th year, when taking into consideration that the predicted sales number is 230 billion won (approximately $204 million), the company could fully achieve earning up to 450 billion won (approximately $400 million) in sales.

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