In the latest BTS Episode video uploaded on BANGTANTV’s YouTube channel, BTS‘s Jin and RM were spotted discussing their shoot at the 2018 SBS Gayo Daejun.

BTs main


RM sounded discouraged as he pointed out that his earpiece wasn’t in place correctly and that hindered his performance.

My earpiece fell out… and I couldn’t place it back correctly. So I think I fell short… For the concert, I’ll have it sorted out and do better.

— RM


Upon hearing this, Jin stepped in and made it clear for everyone — including RM himself — that it was nothing short of amazing.

Well, I heard you and you did fine. RM is not the kind of person who gets hindered by some technical glitch. He’s too good.

— Jin


Touched by his hyung‘s most supportive words of affirmation, RM hugged Jin as Jin continued to praise RM.

I truly respect our leader, RM.

— Jin


This reminded ARMYs of another time Jin gladly turned himself into RM’s fanboy:


And ARMYs are calling this unconditional support system their new #FriendshipGoals.

RM final


Watct the full episode here: