Fin.K.L is a legendary K-Pop girl group that is credited as one of the founders of the girl group boom. They debuted back in 1998 and and had disbanded back in 2005. However, the original queens are returning with a brand new comeback!

finkl comeback 14 years 5


They dropped a brand new cover image for their special track, “Like A Lasting Song” (direct translation). The song was created after all four members gathered together for a reality show, titled Camping Club. With the success of their show, they decided to reunite for a comeback for their 21st anniversary.

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The track was reportedly created by famous producer Kim Hyun Chul, and it will be a ballad rather than a dance track. The lyrics are said to relay the members’ gratitude for the fans who have continued to support them through the 21 years.

The new song is scheduled to drop on the 22nd at 6pm KST.

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Although Fin.K.L had not been active for the past 14 years, each of the members went on to continue their rising fame as Lee Hyori marked herself as the legendary sexy queen of K-Pop, Ock Joohyun became the revered queen of musicals, and Lee Jin and Sung Yuri both took over the acting industry!

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Check out the OG queens’ reality show as we await their long-awaited comeback!