The only female director of “Kim Ki Duk’s Association” Moon Si Hyun has featured her debut film “Sins of Fathers” at the 15th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival.

According to the distributing company, Image Factory, “Sins of Fathers” had its first world premiere at the vision express segment of the Bucheon Film Festival.

On July 15th it was first shown and on July 19th its second showing will be held. The “Vision Express” segment of the film festival shows movies that move beyond normal genres. Moon Si Hyun is gaining a lot of attention because of the fact that she is the only female within “Kim Ki Duk’s Associaton” of directors.

“Sins of Fathers” is about a man who used to be extremely rich but has suddenly become bankrupt by helping out somebody else financially. He decides to run off to the rural side of South Korea after having a fake divorce, and there he meets a female high school student. It has been said that the film certainly has the feeling of Kim Ki Duk’s influence, but Moon Si Hyun’s style also shines through and through.

Director Kim Ki Duk continues to enter the spotlight, first by directing “Arirang” which received an award at the Cannes film festival, then producing the film “Poongsan.”

Source: Star News