Last September, Tony Ahn launched School Store, a ddeokbokki and comfort food restaurant franchise. The singer enjoys bunshik culture and has created a modernized menu of his favorite foods for his restaurants.

The chain has now flourished into 30 stores all across the country, with monthly sales of certain stores reaching close to 100,000,000 KRW (around 90,000 USD). This spike in sales and overall success of the franchise has attracted many investors.

Re-inventing the traditional bunshik culture, School Store’s restaurants have created a comfortable and modern dining environment with a great menu to match. With strategic marketing, the Dae Jeon store has been named a local famous food joint. Many other locations are slated to open in the near future.

The layout of each store is small and cozy, with a set, standard menu, enabling potential business owners to open a store on a smaller budget. The first branch of the franchise, owned and operated by Tony himself, is located in Kangnam, and has been earning close to 200,000,000 KRW (around 175,000 USD) per month in sales.

Check out the mouth-watering menu below.  Have you been to School Store?