The new and highly anticipated talk show, “Go Show,” which is already becoming a hot topic due to A-list actress Go Hyun Jung being the main MC, has successfully finished its first recording.

Sources from the “Go Show” spoke with OSEN on March 26 and said, “The set atmosphere was very warm and fun for the first recording of the ‘Go Show,’ which lasted for about six hours on March 24.”

They continued to say, “Go Hyun Jung did a great job on emceeing and the other panel of MCs did a great job of supporting her. The first guests, Jo In Sung, Chun Jung Myung and LeeSsang’s Gil also did a great job.”

It is reported that Jo In Sung displayed an easy-going and experienced sense of variety programming whereas Chun Jung Myung showed off his cute and boyish charms. LeeSsang’s Gil especially showed a great time as he exchanged witty stories and banter with Jung Hyung Don and Yoon Jong Shin. Anticipations for this new talk show are now running even higher.

“Go Show” will first air on April 6 after the sitcom, “Salamander Guru.”