On October 11, several pictures of Ji Chang Wook from the filming sets of SBS “Five Fingers” were revealed online. In one of the revealed pictures, Ji Chang Wook is riding a stuffed animal prop like a horse with boyish excitement spread across his face. In another, he is looking sharp in a suit and yet humorously posing like an obedient puppy with his “paws” gently put together.  

In a different picture, Ji Chang Wook is making a funny face with his eyes rolled, as if to kill time while waiting for his turn to film. Many sources say that Ji Chang Wook is the cute, easy-going entertainer on the filming sets, unlike his cold, rigid character in the show. He’s known for his diligence and politeness on and off the set, always making his costars and other colleagues feel comfortable and enjoy the filming together. 

Meanwhile, “Five Fingers” featuring Ji Chang Wook as Yoo In Ha, who is competing against his own brother Yoo Ji Ho (played by Joo Ji Hoon) to become the best composer and the heir of their family business, airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9:50pm KST.