The past appearance of actress Jeon Ji Hyun is drawing attention. On August 22, SBS ran a special through the program “A Night in TV Entertainment”  where they focused on stars back in the 1990s.

The viewers were able to see celebrities like rival groups HOT and Sechs Kies to Shin Aera’s wedding and Ch In Pyo when he had to enter the army. Jeon Ji Hyun stood out from among the rest with her beautiful appearance even apparent during her high school years.

Jeon Ji Hyun was 18 years old in 1998 and was in her second year in high school. She was asked about her height and she replied, “I’m 172 cm tall. It would be great if I stopped growing” showing a cute and innocent charm. The appearance of her singing and wearing a school uniform highlighted her youthful looks grabbing the attention of the public. Her current radiant beauty is a good contrast to her cute charm in the past.

Her latest movie, Thieves, is making a splash in the box office with over 11 million tickets sold. The action comedy is currently the fourth all-time highest grossing movie in Korea film history.