Flying Boys 발레 교습소



Yoon Kye-Sang (GOD, 19 Year Old Sister-in-Law), Kim Min-Jeong (Fashion 70s), On Joo-Wan (The Aggressives), Lee Jun-Ki (My Girl, The King and the Clown), Nan Eun-Kyeong (Princess Hours)

Directed by:

Byeong Yeong-Joo

Written by:

Byeong Yeong-Joo






109 min.







What soul is there that hasn’t been hurt by their parents?

Best buddies Min-Jae, Dong-Wan and Chang-Sub share all the common problems of high school seniors. They struggle against their parents and other peers to establish their own identities, fall for girls, eat, drink, and stress about college entrance exams and what school they’ll get into.

Min-Jae’s father is a commercial pilot who expects his son to follow in his footsteps. However, not only does Min-Jae NOT share his father’s ambition, his grades and test scores don’t qualify him to get into an aviation program. Meanwhile, his neighbor and crush, Soo-Jin, has decided she wants to become a veterinarian, despite the fact she’s too afraid of animals to even touch a puppy! Sadly, her family takes very little interest in her future until the night her mother overhears another girl confessing her love to Soo-Jin. Mom decides what her daughter REALLY needs is to take ballet classes at the local community center. “It will be good for your posture, and help you look more like a real girl,” she says.

Unfortunately for ballet instructor Mrs. Yang, though, her class is on the verge of being cancelled due to lack of attendance. Her only enthusiastic students are a waiter at the neighborhood Chinese restaurant and the video store owner. Even the middle-aged housewives who joined are quitting after a few weeks because they aren’t losing the weight they’d expected to. The lives of all of these characters collide one night when Mrs. Yang catches Min-Jae driving drunk, without a license, and in his father’s borrowed car. She blackmails him and his friends into taking ballet, thereby saving her class from being cancelled.




Part comedy, part romance, part family melodrama, anyone looking for a movie that includes cute boys in tights trying to learn ballet, finding first love, standing up for their friends, and learning what’s important to you will probably love Flying Boys. The scene of Min-Jae and Dong-Wan trying to figure out how to put on thong underwear alone is worth it! Sure, it’s a lot of stories piled into one, but that’s what life is like sometimes. You’re faced with a lot of important decisions and problems when you’re 19: “What will I study in college? Will I get into the school I want to/am expected to? Does that girl like me? How can I get the respect of my parents?”

Although none of the four leads had much prior experience to this film, their performances here are all quite good. Yoon Kye-Sang proves he’s more than just a pretty face, particularly in some heartbreaking scenes of the fights Min-Jae has with his father. Kim Min-Jeong displays the same depth of character that later made her performance in Fashion 70s so excellent. She plays a tough, smart, and very confused girl with an underlying vulnerability. And Lee Jun-Ki puts in a nice supporting turn providing comic relief.

Flying Boys is a great little drama about a group of misfits working and playing together, learning about one another and about themselves. These are common enough themes, but done as superbly as they are here, any theme is worth revisiting. Plus, these boys share such an enjoyable journey! Thankfully it’s not about how all of them become great ballet dancers, though their big performance at the community center is one of the funnier scenes in the movie!

Edited by: Moogles
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