CNBLUE’s Lee Jung Shin, AOA’s Yuna, and N.Flying’s Kim Jaehyun recently participated in a photoshoot for the May issue of InStyle magazine featuring their talented siblings.

Lee Jung Shin posed with his older brother, Lee Yong Shin, who is a photographer, and revealed that they both share a common interest in photography.  “One day, I hope to have a gallery exhibit with photographs taken in collaboration with my older brother,” said Lee Jung Shin in the interview.

N.Flying’s drummer Kim Jaehyun posed with his celebrity sister, Ex-Rainbow member Kim Jaekyung.  The drummer showed his love for his older sister, revealing that he saved her number as “Goddess” in his phone contacts.  He also admitted that during his middle school days, he folded 1000 paper cranes to give to his sister for her birthday.

AOA’s Yuna posed with her younger sister, Berry Good’s Seoyool, and proved that beauty runs in the family.  Yuna also shared how much she cares for her little sister.  “When Seoyool said she was going to go on the same path as me (as a singer), I was really worried because I know how difficult this profession can be,” she said.

What do you think about these gorgeous siblings?

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