FNC Entertainment has launched a new experimental music platform called “FNC Lab.”

“FNC Lab” is a music platform that will allow free experimentation with a new combination of music. The platform will produce digital music and aims to discover new possibilities. The participating artists will experiment with a new combination of music in a variety of fields. It is expected to find new charms as it will try fresh combinations that are not limited to traditional musical styles or team colors.

The logo and illustration of “FNC Lab” was born from a collaboration with Korea’s popular illustrator Kirean. It features the meaning of the new music platform in which a combination of various elements, including time, genres, and visuals, is used to create new music under the motif of the laboratory.

Through “FNC Lab,” FNC says they will be able to focus on synergy that creates new combinations, and will be able to respond flexibly to the rapidly changing digital music market.

You can check out more of “FNC Lab” through their official Instagram.

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