Actress Song Hye Gyo recently revealed her ideal type of guy.

On June 30, Hong Kong Television Broadcasts Limited invited Song Hye Gyo to appear at a promotion for the SBS drama “That Winter, The Wind Blows,” according to the Sunday Paper. She was asked how she felt when she put on a wedding dress for one of the episodes. She replied, “It’s already been almost 18 years since I started my acting career, and I’ve worn a lot of wedding dresses, so unfortunately, I don’t really feel anything. I think I’ll actually feel something when the day comes for me to put on my real wedding dress.”

When asked about her ideal man, she replied, “I’m at an age where I’m not necessarily old, but I’m not young either. Because of that, my standards have changed a little bit. I’d prefer someone who I’d be able to talk with easily. We should also share the same hobbies. I’d like someone who will always believe in me, no matter what I do. That’s my kind of man.”

The interviewed also asked Song Hye Gyo if she would ever marry a man from Hong Kong. She replied with a smile, “Yes. As long as there is love and we have an understanding of each other. But I’d definitely have to learn some of the language if I’m going to date someone from a different country.”

Who will be the lucky man?