It has belatedly been revealed that Kim Jae Geun of former idol group O2R has passed away.

On May 13, it was reported by a news outlet that Kim Jae Geun was driving in Seo District of Incheon on April 30 when his car collided with a loaded truck. The truck driver was injured, and Kim Jae Geun passed away.

The police is currently investigating the potential of the car having defects at the time of the accident.

Kim Jae Geun’s wife passed away three years ago due to acute blood poisoning complications. They have one son who is currently six years old.

One source of Kim Jae Geun commented, “His younger son is being taken care of alone by his father. After legal proceedings are completed, [his son] will live with his younger sibling’s family,” and added, “He is calmly accepting his father’s death. He maturely said, ‘If I miss Dad, I can remember times that I had fun playing with him.’”

Kim Jae Geun was born in 1980 and debuted with O2R’s first album “Operation to Ready” in 1999. Once the group disbanded, he began working as a dancer. After his marriage, he became a cameraman and worked as a staff member of the SBS program “Jagiya.”

We offer our sincere condolences to Kim Jae Geun’s family and friends.

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