Former 9MUSES member and current actress, Kyungri recently took to Instagram to express her rage regarding her taxi driver’s reckless behavior.


On Instagram Story, Kyungri shared that her taxi driver violated a traffic regulation.

Just now, my taxi driver was speeding through a school zone.

— Kyungri

Huffington Post


But what she had a problem with was how he reacted when she asked him to slow down.

I asked him to slow down since it was a school zone, but he said, ‘I’m the one who’s driving, so how is that any of your business?’

— Kyungri

| @gyeongree/Instagram

And she was absolutely furious.

What kind of logic is that? I’m speechless.

— Kyungri

| @gyeongree/Instagram


heSo she tried to report him, but it did not go as expected.

I reported him as soon as I got off, but they said all they can do is educate him.

— Kyungri


The story has now been deleted.

| @gyeongree/Instagram

Kyungri is set to star in JTBC‘s Undercover, which is predicted to premiere early next year.