Former After School member Kahi has publicized a photo of herself on Twitter.

On August 20, Kahi posted the following words along with the photo on her Twitter account, “Korean fan meeting, Japanese fan meeting—done.  Now, everything has really come to a finish.  Even though it was a short time, it was such a pleasure [to meet the fans] after all this time.”  Kahi also added, “Korean fans, Japanese fans—thank you so much.  I will live well.  Let’s meet again soon!”

In the photo, Gahi showed off her rising beauty.  With natural makeup, Gahi exuded womanly beauty.  With a bright smile, Gahi gazed into the camera.

Netizens who viewed the photo responded: “Prettier than flowers Kahi,” “I’m waiting for your comeback,” “She gets prettier by the day,” “I envy her dimples,” “Please upload more selcas,” “I wish I could become that bouquet of flowers,” “I’ll wait for your solo album.”