Former AOA member Kwon Mina revealed she was sexually assaulted by a male celebrity during her middle school days.

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| @kvwowv/Instagram

Kwon Mina held a lengthy Instagram Live broadcast and during part of it, she opened up about her difficult past that started in elementary school and lasted throughout her school days.

Since elementary school, my family situation became difficult, so as soon as I became a middle school student, I had to work to earn money. I had more part-time jobs than days that I attended school. In the end, I had to drop out of school, and took the GED. I was considered a high school graduate, but I was immersed in my trainee life at the time.

— Kwon Mina

She then shared a story about how she was physically assaulted after getting lured to an isolated location.

One time, a friend told me he was going somewhere, and I was worried and tried to stop him from going, but I ended up accompanying him. But when I got to the empty house, a boy one year older than me hit me in the head with a beer bottle, and then started kicking me. I kept getting hit, and there were several other male students in the back of the room.

He was so well-known within the neighborhood, if you heard his name, you would know who he was. I still remember his name and face.

— Kwon Mina

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| @kvwowv/Instagram

Finally, she also confessed how she was sexually assaulted by a male senior, who is now a famous celebrity.

If I share his name, it’s a celebrity you would know. I was so angry after the sexual assault. I wasn’t able to walk well after the assault, so I had to crawl my way home. I couldn’t even report it because I thought something bigger would happen if my parents knew about what happened. I ddn’t want to get caught by my mom, so I covered up all of my bruises with my clothes.

I still had to work part-time in that state. After that, I came up to Seoul from Busan, as if I was running away.

Now that I think about it, how did I endure it all? I thought I would have to fight alone, even if I reported it.

— Kwon Mina

Watch her full Instagram Live broadcast below: