Former AOA member, Mina recently posted multiple photos of herself as well as positive captions that reassured fans that she’s been doing well since the bullying controversy and dispute with fellow former member, Jimin.

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Following the witty and lighthearted posts detailing her daily life, there was one post that worried fans once more.

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The photo of the said post shows Mina lying down on a sofa.

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She looked beautiful while flaunting her black hair that complimented her pale skin, and her outfit was certainly on point.

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But the caption of the photo reads,

Don’t trust anyone.

– Mina

And the ambiguous post worried fans once again after the controversy.

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In response, fans are showing their support through comments such as “Cheer up, I’m always cheering you on“, “Cheer up, pretty Mina“, and “I always believe in you“.

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Ahead of her new updates, Mina exposed Jimin for bullying her to the point of making her attempt to end her own life, which ultimately led Jimin to withdraw from AOA.

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She then thanked her fans and friends for their support and promised to receive treatment and return happy.

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And now, fans are really hoping that’s the case.