Former AOA‘s Kwon Mina drew attention once again for her cryptic post on Instagram. While Mina has consistently been speaking out about the various distress and treatment she faced in the industry, this time she related how she felt through a movie.

The reality is that anyone can unfairly be made into the accused and experience all sorts of pain while the real perpetrator does not receive any sort of punishment. I enjoyed watched this movie and felt lots of things through it but?

— Mina

Mina ended her sentence with a question mark and an open-end, leading to speculations in the comments. Many wonder if it was alluding to her personal experience within AOA while others have made sure to send her positive messages. On the other hand, the movie Mina was referring to, The Mauritanian, is about a man who spends years in a detention camp before his first trial. He is aided by a defense attorney that is the first to believe in him since his sentence. They discover fabricated evidence and a conspiracy. .