In its heyday, Crayon Pop was one of the most iconic groups in K-Pop. From releasing #1 hits like “Bar Bar Bar” to performing as the opening act for Lady Gaga’s ArtRave: The Artpop Ball, Crayon Pop soared to great heights before disbanding in 2017. Since then, former member Way has opened her own YouTube channel, WayLand—and she often uses it to spill the secrets of the idol world.

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This time, she sat down to let fans know all about what really goes on behind the scenes of music show wins.

Do idols know they’re going to win?

Seeing the shock on idols’ faces when they win a music show trophy is one of the most heartwarming experiences for fans—but are they really shocked?

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According to Way, idols are often informed of their nomination before the show. That’s because nominations affect both stage décor and recording order, so the broadcasting station needs to communicate the potential win ahead of time.

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However, that’s not necessarily true when it comes to the actual wins. Way revealed the broadcasting companies do unusual inform idols’ agencies of their wins ahead of time so staff can prepare any special requests for the encore performance.

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But, many companies choose not to share the good news with their artists in order to ensure a surprise. Way said that Crayon Pop’s company, Chrome Entertainment, sometimes gave hints, but they never informed them of their wins outright ahead of time.

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Do idols get competitive over wins?

While racking up wins is a regular occurrence for many of the biggest groups, but on the flip side, many groups never receive a single win across the course of their whole careers. So, it stands to reason that idols would get competitive over music show trophies.

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However, Way explained that competition between the nominees all depends on the relationships between the groups, their members, and even their companies.

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She went on to say that idols who know each other (for example, those who are in the same company, go to school together, or promote at the same time) are more aware of each other’s achievements, sometimes leading to a heightened state of competition. Idols who don’t know each other, on the other hand, don’t typically care about each other’s wins.

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If you know that person, and you’re connected to that person and you’ve been nominated for #1 together often, so you’ve been at a competing with them for some time, then feeling competitive is inevitable.

— Way

Do idols always sing encore stages live?

Live singing has always been a point of debate among K-Pop fans, and much of that discussion surrounds music shows. Encore stages are general supposed to be 100% live, with only the instrumental played in the background, but are the?

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According to Way, there’s a lot that goes into putting together a music show performance. From multiple rehearsals to audio checks, every group goes through several stages of monitoring before performing on stage. She went on to explain that in some performances, just a few members sing 100% live, while others have their mics turned down.

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However, this all goes out of the window when it comes to encore stages. Because groups typically don’t know whether they’re going to win first place, it’s hard to prepare partially recorded audio in advance. For that reason, Way said she believes encore performances are all live with only the instrumental for backup.

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What do idols get for winning first place?

First of all, Way revealed that no matter how many members are in a group, one music show win comes with just one trophy. Solo artists typically keep their own awards, but since groups can’t split theirs up, the company usually keeps group music show trophies.

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I’m envious [of solo artists]. I currently don’t possess anything I’ve received. Lucky them!

— Way

But, aside from the trophy itself, idols don’t actually receive anything for winning first place—aside from recognition, of course. There’s no monetary prize or any special benefits for music show wins.

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How do artists feel about ending stages?

While the music show MCs announce the day’s winner, all the groups that performed that day are asked to stand on stage together. But while they often put on a smiling face for fans, Way confessed that artists don’t typically like these ending stages.

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That’s because the ending stage keeps them from getting home earlier. The longer the ending stage goes on, the longer artists have to stand in uncomfortable clothing and makeup. Of course, since it’s a highlight of the show and a big pull for viewers, idols aren’t allowed to skip it.


Way revealed even more secrets in her video, so watch it for yourself with English subs here!