Cho Seunghee, former member of DIA, appeared on Ask Us Anything to give an update on her life after quitting the idol track.

Seunghee actually has a stellar history since 2012 where she won Miss Chunhyang and soon debuted with F-ve Dolls.

dia seunghee 5
Seunghee is second from the right. | MBK Entertainment

After F-ve Dolls disbanded, she was recruited as the leader and main vocalist of DIA. But she left the group a year later to pursue a career in acting.

dia seunghee 1
Seunghee in the center with other DIA members. | MBK Entertainment

Considering how the episode had a special theme of people coming to show off their talents, Seunghee revealed that she wanted to brag about her latest and recent success as a producer for other artists.

dia seunghee now

She’s actually been a producer for famous artists, such as H&D (from X1), Song Ga In, and Hong Ja! She’s firmly listed as Cho Seunghee in their albums!

dia seunghee producer
Left: H&D | MBK Entertainment; Right: Song Ga In and Hong Ja | SpoTV News

It’s been nearly a decade since Seunghee began her life in the entertainment industry but she’s found a passion and calling to help other musicians fulfill their dreams on stage!

dia seunghee now
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