On April 28, the Seoul Central District Court stated that it had ruled against former EXO member Tao in his lawsuit against SM Entertainment.

Tao filed a lawsuit against his former agency over issues regarding the duration of his exclusive contract with SM Entertainment, distribution of profit, discrimination, and more.

Tao and his lawyer argued that the artist’s contract with SM Entertainment was unfair; however, SM Entertainment responded, “The contract we used was based on a standard contract provided by the Fair Trade Commission so there is nothing that could be of issue in the contract.”

A court ruling from last September suggested there be reconciliation efforts; however, the mediation failed as both sides could not come to an agreement.

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment’s lawsuit against Tao and his activities in the Chinese entertainment industry was dismissed last year. Tao formally filed to leave EXO and SM Entertainment in August of 2015, after his informal departure a few months prior.

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