Photos of a former girl group member’s “extreme weight gain” circulated on various forums as the photo of a girl with a curvier figure and adorable face went viral.

kara kang jiyoung weight gain 2

That same girl turned out to be Kang Jiyoung, a former member of KARA!

kara kang jiyoung weight gain 5

Considering how Kang Jiyoung was always known for her fit figure, netizens were shocked by the transformation!

kang jiyoung weight gain 6

It turns out that the extreme weight gain was nothing but a new costume for her Japanese movie, Dosukoi! Sukehira. The movie tells the fantasy-fictional story of an overweight woman who suddenly loses a drastic amount of weight after an accident.

kara kang jiyoung weight gain 4

Kang Jiyoung was fitted into a costume that made her look as if she now weighed 100kg (220 lbs), but none of that could hide her adorable facial expressions!

kara kang jiyoung weight gain 3

kang ji young weight gain 1

Underneath the costume, Kang Jiyoung seems to have lost weight than gained any as her latest Instagram photos show she’s completely shed all of her baby fat!

kang jiyoung weight game

But no transformation could ever make Camilias forget the cute maknae of KARA who charmed everyone with her adorable charms and killer talent!

kang ji young weight gain

Kang Jiyoung was primarily promoting in Japan, but recently made her Korean comeback with JTBC drama Sweet Munchies.