Since leaving LABOUM, former member Yulhee may not face the pressures of keeping a slim idol body anymore. However, like most new mothers, she still wanted to shift all her baby weight after giving birth earlier this year—and she certainly succeeded. In just five months, Yulhee managed to lose a staggering 29kg (64lbs). Luckily for curious fans, she revealed all her weight loss secrets in a video for her YouTube channel, Yulhee’s House.

Back in February 2020, Yulhee and her husband, FTISLAND‘s Minhwan, became second-time parents to beautiful twin daughters—Ah Yoon and Ah Rin.

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Naturally, since Yulhee was pregnant with multiples, she gained a lot of weight over the course of her pregnancy. In her first Yulhee’s House vlog, she showed off how big her belly was during the pregnancy, and fans were shocked by its size.

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I was worried about how I was going to lose weight after I gave birth… I was already really stressed about it into the second half of pregnancy.

— Yulhee

As a result, after Ah Yoon and Ah Rin were born, Yulhee had to crack down onto a serious diet to shift all that baby weight. On top of that, the former idol explained that since this was her second time giving birth, losing the weight was even harder. In a Yulhee’s House vlog, she explained her full process.

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First, Yulhee revealed that before eating, she drinks a pouch of GLAM.D 2 Weeks Habit Diet. The diet powder is mixed with water and intended to be consumed 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner.

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Yulhee recently became the brand’s exclusive endorser, but she told fans she’s been enjoying their products for months. In the last trimester of her pregnancy, she found GLAM.D on social media after looking for diet products. Persuaded by the glowing reviews, she decided to try it for herself.


On top of that, Yulhee also takes GLAM.D Cut CLA capsules, which she said are “made for moms“. Explaining how the products work, Yulhee said that the powder seems to inflate inside her stomach. In turn, this helps her eat a lot less during each meal.

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Finally, as with all good diet plans, Yulhee made sure to exercise too. She showed fans two moves that helped slim down her tummy and arms. One involved holding your arms out and crossing them in front of you 50 times.

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Alongside these simple exercises, she decided to bring motherhood into her weight loss plan. Sometimes, she challenges her eldest son, toddler Jae Yul, to racing back and forth across the room 10 times. Other times, she does squats while holding one of the twins.

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With her methods, Yulhee says losing weight as a new mother becomes much more manageable.