Lizzy has signed with a new agency.

On May 10, Celltrion Entertainment announced that Lizzy signed an exclusive contract with them and shared her new profile photo.

A source from the agency said, “We signed an exclusive contract with Lizzy, who has been active in various fields beyond the music industry such as acting and variety shows, and has shown her talents and potential for growth. We will be with her as a reliable aide and give her our full support so that she can actively promote in various fields, communicate with the public, and grow into a better actress.”

After her contract with Pledis Entertainment expired, Lizzy received many offers from various agencies before signing with Celltrion Entertainment. She’s now in the same agency as Lee Bum Soo, Oh Yeon Seo, Shin Ji Hoon, Ham Tae In, and Kim Hee Jin.

Lizzy also shared the news with her fans on Instagram. She posted her new profile photo and wrote, “It’s the beginning of the second chapter of my life. I’m excited. I’ll show you many good appearances. Thank you!” and added, “Celltrion Entertainment” in the hashtag.

Lizzy debuted in 2010 as a member of After School. She received lots of love for her bright personality and also promoted in unit groups After School Blue and Orange Caramel.

In 2011, she first appeared in the sitcom “All My Love For You,” and continued to pursue acting through dramas such as “Rascal Sons,” “Angry Mom,” and web film “Momo Salon.”

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