Earlier this morning, Five Dolls’ Hyoyoung shared a photo of herself with twin sister, Hwayoung, on her Twitter. The photo came without text and displayed the sisters’ close relationship. In the photos, the two showed off their playful nature with various expressions – ranging from smiling to glaring, pouting, and smiling. Netizens were especially drawn to the sister’s clear makeup-free faces and slim arms.

Netizens commented, “It’s a relief to see them doing ok after the big incident,” “How cute, Ryu sisters hwaiting!,” “It’s great seeing them so close,” “Hopefully, they can forget about the past and move on,” and more.

Meanwhile, Hwayoung was recently expelled from Core Contents Media and T-ara for supposedly misbehaving and refusing to perform. However, reports about possible bullying within the group also gained much attention.