Recently, former T-ARA member Jiyeon posted photos of her parents when they were young on her Instagram page.

Just by taking a look at a few of these photos, it’s quite easy to see where she got her visuals from!

Photos of her dad reveal his tall figure and great sense of style.

| @jiyeon2__/Twitter

He also has visuals that are similar to some famous actors!

| @jiyeon2__/Twitter

His side profile here really shows off his handsome looks!

| @jiyeon2__/Twitter

In this photo you can see how well he aged, still maintaining his good looks.

| @jiyeon2__/Twitter

You can also see that she got a lot of her genes from her mother! Just look at how similar their noses are!

| @jiyeon2__/Twitter

This photo shows just how tall and slender her mother is as well.

| @jiyeon2__/Twitter

You can see a lot of Jiyeon’s face in this frontal shot of her mother!

| @jiyeon2__/Twitter

Now let’s take a look at baby Jiyeon’s photos!

| @jiyeon2__/Twitter

Just look at those visuals! She was born to be a star!

| @jiyeon2__/Twitter

Netizens that saw these photos were shocked at her family’s visuals.

  • “Wow her mom’s nose is crazy.”
  • “Were her parents’ celebrities too?”
  • “Looking at her parents, Jiyeon had to be pretty!”
  • “Wow her dad’s height and her mom’s nose!”

Jiyeon will be acting in the KBS2 K-Drama Imitation that will air starting on May 7, 2021.