2PM’s resident cutie Nichkhun and his doppelganger child actor Mason Moon (4) finally had their first face-to-face meeting. The 100% lookalike child heartthrob visited the “2PM Show” and met his “older brother.” Many fans have been amazed with the similarities between both celebrities and have dubbed them twins, brothers, and even father-son. Not only does Mason look like Nichkhun, his two younger brothers – Maden and Mavin – also share the resemblance as well.

The first episode of the “2PM Show” will challenge its members to be a father for a day, and Mason Moon,along with his brothers, have been invited to the show. The 2PM boys apparently squealed in delight when they saw the three Nichkhun lookalike babies walk into the studio hand in hand.

The new variety show, the “2PM Show” will air its first episode on July 9th on SBS E!TV at 11PM KST.

The “twins” finally met for the first time and snapped a photo to celebrate the special meeting.

Photos of Nichkhun and Mason