A well-known broadcasting writer who conned actor Jung Woo Sung, as well as others, out of millions of dollars will be put on trial for his actions.

On April 5, the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office revealed that they have taken writer “Park” into custody on charges of fraud.

According to the prosecution, “Park” received 4.6 billion won (approximately $4 million) from Jung Woo Sung, and 2.4 billion won (approximately $2.1 million) from other investors, for a total of 7 billion won (approximately $6 million). He had convinced them that if they invested in a private equity fund that chaebols invest in, they would be guaranteed to break even and make a profit.

Jung Woo Sung was a victim of this investment fraud case back in 2008, but restrained from pressing charges these past eight years. He previously updated his fans personally through a live stream, reassuring them that it’s all in the past and he’s doing okay now.

Since the 1990s, “Park” is a well-known person who’s written several dramas for mainstream networks. It is reported that he committed fraud while trying to pay back the millions of dollars he had in debt from his publishing and underwear companies.

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