Fromis_9 recently made their comeback with their second single album 9 Way Ticket that had the title track “WE GO!”

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Fromis_9’s last comeback was the mini album My Little Society in September 2020 meaning they have been on hiatus for 8 months.

I’m so excited and can’t wait to be on the stage for the first time in a while. We’re always half-worried, half-excited when we release a new album, but I think we were much more excited this time.


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Seoyeon thanked the fans for waiting for them for such a long time and said that they worked extremely hard this comeback to make it up to them.

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The concept of 9 Way Ticket and “WE GO,” is “virtual travel,” which is something many people have been talking about since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

I think that everyone feels frustrated about not being able to travel. So, I hope that when people listen to our album or watch our performance, they can feel better by remembering the feelings of excitement and freedom before leaving for a trip or when on a trip.


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Jisun shared that they went all around Seoul in many different spaces to get the feelings of travel in both the music video and the jacket photos. They tried to showcase a lot of travel destinations even though travel is still heavily restricted. She commented, “I hope that people will be able to travel vicariously through our comeback.

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Jiwon smiled the first time she heard the title track. “I felt a smile coming to my face,” she revealed, “It felt like someone was telling me ‘be strong.’” She hopes that the album will be remembered as one that made them feel good and supported during a hard time. Nagyung added to this, hoping that fans can gain comfort from the healing album.

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Hayoung said that she recommends listening to the album when you’re too lazy to go outside or are just stuck at home. She thinks that it’s the perfect background for thinking of all the amazing trips you want to go on.

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We had a comeback in the summer this time! It’s been a while since we did a summer comeback. This summer will be hot and tiring, but let’s gain strength from each other. Since Flover is with us, I’m not worried about this comeback at all.


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Jiheon finished the interview by saying that the group felt a lot of regret about not being able to perform in front of their fans. However, she hopes that Flover can feel their energy even through the screen.

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